Insurance Application Health Pre-Screening

Save time and increase conversion with secure and efficient data collection

Increase Conversion

An easy-to-use online form removes decision barriers and can increase your protection conversion rates.

Save Time

Get to know your client’s health and lifestyle pre fact find. Quicker than a paper form or consultation.

More Efficient

Speed up your underwriting process and avoid wasting time on failed applications.

More Secure

Secure data entry protects you and your clients. Log in to access applicant data.

Health Hub example company page

Capture Client Data

Health Hub is a health questionnaire tool that processes insurance applicant health data on behalf of partner companies, including insurance advisors, insurance companies and insurance brokers.

Become a partner company and use Health Hub to record your client’s health and lifestyle information pre fact-find to give you the cutting edge in advice. Pre-appointment you will have all the information you need to ascertain which insurers and products will be available to the client.

After submitting their data, clients can use the Risk Calculator to evaluate their own personal risk.

Health Hub dashboard

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Send your client a link to your customised company page, and let them enter their health and lifestyle data, securely, in their own time.
  2. Receive a notification to your inbox when a client has completed a form. Log in securely within the data retention period of 90 days, to view or download client submitted data.
  3. Optionally, client data can be automatically passed to selected underwriters for quotation advice.

Save time, increase conversion, and offer a better experience for your clients for just £9/user/month